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  • Soohyun Kim (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Tian Qiao (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Hyunji Kim(MS candidate)
  • Mirim Ham(Undergraduate)
  • Chemical sensors are devices that can convert a chemical and physical signal by an analytic one. The chemical signal is created through a selective interaction between a sensing material placed in the sensor and a target analyte (or sensing moieties), and each chemical sensor consists of a sensing element and a transducer. In our lab, we are focusing on the biocompatible and biodegradable materials-based sensors for explosive compounds or E-coli or hazardous gas detection. Recently, the fluorescence sensor based on hydrogels has been utilized to detect nitro-compounds. Hydrogel_based sensors are applied for monitoring food putrefaction or fermentation.

    Fluorescence Enhancement from Nitro-Compound-Sensitive Bacteria within Spherical Hydrogel Scaffolds

  • Cover images for hydrogel sensors


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