홈이미지 점 Research



  • Soohyun Kim (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Tian Qiao (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Woojin Choi(Undergraduate)
  • Yujin Ha (Undergraduate)
  • Mirim Ham(Undergraduate)
  • This group's interest focuses on synthesizing functional nano/micro-particles which can be used in energy devices such as solar cell, thermoelectric devices, lithium ion battery and so on. Improving the dispersion stability of nanoparticles in various mediums is essential for those applications. We have discussed why it is difficult to control the stability of nanoparticles in liquids. Our recent studies introduce the surface modification via attachment of organic functional groups on the surface of nano/micro-particles and the surface stabilization by engineering surface charges.

    Figure : Non-aggregated titania nanoparticles coated with organic layer

  • The other focus lies in synthesizing functional resins which can be used in 3D printers (laser-based stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP), etc) to fabricate cross-linked architectures with a variety of chemical functionalities. It ranges from acrylate_based UV-curable materials to shape-memory polymers, whose shape can be programmed at a particular temperature and then mechanically altered.


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